“Exercise is one prescription that’s universal...it’s good for everything that’s wrong with us.” 

Dr Walter Bortz 
Professor of Medicine at
Stanford University 
(School of Medicine)

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Welcome to my website. 

As an exercise scientist my life revolves around helping, planning, encouraging and guiding people along the best exercise path for them...and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else!

I wholeheartedly believe in the benefits of movement...and there’s plenty of research to back me up.  As the old saying goes ‘move it or lose it’ and let me tell you it’s true.  

But if you haven’t moved consistently for a while or even a very long time don’t worry...you can get it back!  

Please have a look around the website and contact me if you too would like to start on the road to growing younger.

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Bill Dooley



I believe actions very much speak louder than words so I try and live a healthy, well-balanced life...and not just encourage others to do so.

Made to Move Health & Fitness was founded in June 2005 because I had a deep desire to help others be more healthy and active.

I then started Growing Young Exercise Program in October 2015 as I wanted to correct some common misconceptions about the fitness capabilities of our more mature-aged population.  Simply put, anyone over 60+ years of age can improve their physical fitness with the right training.

Exercise and overall health education is at the forefront of what I do and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed guest lecturing at various institutions over the years.  It was a natural progression to then begin lecturing and teaching at Victoria University in Footscray in 2018...and I love that too!

Looking ahead I can see a whole generation that were once lost to exercise either take it up for the first time or pick it up again after a long absence.  They will live much better lives for doing so!


Founding owner of Made to Move Health & Fitness
Founder and training specialist
June 2005 to present

Growing Young Exercise Program
Founder and training specialist
October 2015 to present

University lecturer / teacher
Victoria University
April 2018 to present


Bachelor of Exercise Science (Clinical Practice)
Victoria University

Accredited Exercise Scientist
Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA)
Current Member

Published works

Be Stronger...Grow Younger


Made to Move
Health & Fitness

Made to Move Fitness Training was established in June 2005 with the basic philosophy that a person’s body is ‘made to move’.  

It is well-documented that appropriate movement provides many beneficial health outcomes for people, not just physically but mentally as well.  Along with improvements in physical capacities, exercise can also have a positive effect on mood and self-esteem.

To better reflect these benefits to overall health, the business name evolved into Made to Move Health & Fitness (M2MH&F) in October 2008.  Over the years the main interest areas of M2MH&F have included general health/conditioning, corrective exercise and the promotion of physical activity in the wider community.


Growing Young
Exercise Program

The Growing Young Exercise Program was established in October 2015 to help combat age-related functional decline, essentially nullifying and recovering what age and inactivity have taken away. 

The benefits of exercise for those who are 60+ years in age are very important for physical and mental well-being.  Another crucial benefit of exercise for the mature-aged is the positive influence it can have on maintaining independence of living.

The program covers what we believe to be the 4 pillars of physical health;

  1. strength

  2. aerobic capacity

  3. balance

  4. mobility and flexibility.


Published Works

Be Stronger... Grow Younger

After suffering three falls in four months my Mum eventually approached me for some help.

This little book is essentially the conversation I had with Mum... explaining why her body wasn’t feeling the way it used to.

Simple and easy to read, the book is for those in the same situation that Mum found herself or for others looking to turn back their own biological clocks.

It’s not too late to start growing young!

I hope you enjoy it.



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